Which States Have the Highest Foreclosure Rates?

When foreclosure rates decreased in October and November 2023, ATTOM CEO Rob Barber warned that it was part of the “cyclical nature of the market” rather than a long-term trend. Unfortunately, Barber has been proven right this year as foreclosures rise throughout the United States. In February 2024, lenders started the foreclosure process on 22,757 … Read more

Home Foreclosures are on the Rise This Year. Find Out Which Areas are Most Affected

Foreclosures are becoming an increasingly commonplace throughout the United States as homeowners struggle in an uncertain economic environment beset with inflation, rising property taxes, a restart in student loan payments, and other financial issues. ATTOM’s February 2024 report shows that foreclosure starts are up 11% year-over-year while the total number of foreclosure filings has seen … Read more

Home Foreclosures Up 34% Nationwide

American consumers are tapped out. Credit card debt is over 30% higher than it was just two years ago. Balances on non-housing loans have hit a whopping $4.8 trillion, and the rate of newly serious delinquent credit card debt has risen by about 90% since Q1 2022. The resumption of student loans in October 2023 … Read more