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Market Updates

Private Equity Firms are Buying up Real Estate as the Market Crashes and Foreclosures Rise. How Will This Affect the Market Long-Term?

According to conservative estimates, private equity firms own one out of every twenty-six apartment listings in the United States, along with 1.6 million housing units, 275,000 manufactured home lots, and nearly 240,000 single-family rental homes. What’s more, it’s not uncommon for firms to take advantage of rising foreclosure rates and an overall dip in home […]

Foreclosure Rates

Foreclosure Rates are Rising, but Not Evenly. See Which States Have the Highest and Lowest Rates

As inflation and rising interest rates increase foreclosure rates throughout the United States, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that the housing market isn’t the same nationwide. Borrowers (and lenders) in some states are doing better than others, thanks to factors such as an increase in new jobs, migration patterns, low cost of […]


Are Foreclosure Rates Set to Rise in 2023? 

It’s no secret that foreclosure rates are rising in 2022. It’s unclear if the trend will continue in 2023; however, there is clear evidence that foreclosures could continue rising next year, leaving lenders in the difficult position of trying to sell homes in a buyer’s market. At the same time, if certain factors were to […]

Loan Modifications

Foreclosure Law: What can Banks do to Deal with a
Borrower who Can’t Make Payments?

The mortgage delinquency rate has fallen drastically from its 2020 highs, but it is still significantly higher than the pre-COVID rate as millions of homeowners struggle to repay their loans amidst rising inflation and interest rates. At the same time, lenders are also struggling as they are faced with dealing with homeowners who are unable or unwilling […]